A Ride On The River Tripper and you experience

“The Way Life Should Be”

 TECI_HOME PAGE3Come explore the exquisite beauty of the tranquil Damariscotta River, on the 50-foot River Tripper! Stable, spacious decks, and seating for 49 passengers.  Just two minutes from Route 1, in midcoast Maine.


seals_HOME PAGE3The River Tripper offers daily

Aquaculture & Scenic tours

Seal Watching Tours

Happy Hour Tours

Music Cruises

and special sailings for regional festivals and events.


While we ride by all the oyster farms on the River, we serve the world-famous oysters of Maine, and a full bar. The boat is also available for private parties and charters. Sailing from Schooner Landing Restaurant and Marina, by the Newcastle-Damariscotta bridge in Damariscotta. Fog is rare, and waves are rarer!


Pemaquid49_HOME PAGEHumans have worked this river for about 13,000 years. Their most famous legacy forms immense, white mounds on the riverbanks. Native Americans harvested and ate the wild oysters, leaving behind the largest prehistoric shell middens in North America. Today the river produces American oysters and blue mussels grown mostly on floating “farms,” as well as wild lobsters and hard-shell clams. About 80% of all oysters grown in Maine are from the Damariscotta River estuary. Even wild oysters are harvested now, from the cleanest river in the Northeast.

The Crew

Captain Chip Holmes is a boatbuilder, licensed captain, and raconteur, born and raised in the beautiful state of Maine, along the Damariscotta River. When First Mate Olga Oros is not casting off, tying up, or making documentary films, she is tending to a second venture, Damariscotta’s first floatel – floating hotel, the most unique vacation rental on the river: http://maineboathotel.com


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